3-Ton Grip Truck

Cart-friendly: 2000lb Capacity Lift Gate.

Crew-friendly: Backup Camera, LED Worklights, Ice-Cold AC

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• Truck Delivery and Pickup to & from set • Gear Pickup and Delivery • Add-on Rentals • Recommendations for Drivers, DPs, Gaffers, Best Boys, Key Grips, G&E crew, and PAs

Grip Truck Specs

Ford E-450 with Box (2014)

Height: 11' 9"

Width (mirrors tucked in): 8'

Width (mirrors active): 9' 2"

Full Truck Length: 25' 4"

Box Length: 16' + Attic 

Full Type: Gasoline (Regular)

Lift Gate Dimensions: 8' x 5' 3"

Lift Gate Capacity: 2,000 lb 

Transport Capacity: 4,440 lbs 

Jockey Boxes: 2

Room for 3 to 4 large carts

Box Attic space

Box Side-Door: 1

Backup Camera + Monitor

Air Conditioning


AUX Input

Interior LED Work Lights: 2

Lift Gate LED Work Lights: 2

Lift Gate Controllers: 2 (Interior & Exterior) 

Grip Truck Requirements

Auto Liability Insurance ("Hired Auto") must be included as part of your production insurance.

We require that you hire out a driver from our roster. We will put you in touch with our roster of drivers who can double as crew members including Best Boys, Grips, G&E swing, Gaffers, PAs, DPs, Camera Operators, and Camera Assistants. Their rates vary depending on their experience level and the needs of your project.

You may be able to supply your own driver, only if your driver is approved by us. 

Complimentary overnight parking at our lot, otherwise you must have another safe place to park it each night.

Truck must leave and return with full tank of gas.

40 cents/mile charged at return.

Does NOT require Commercial Driver's License for driving.

Carts+Loading Options

We can advise what carts will be most effective for your truck package.

The truck also has a permanent 3-level rack that takes up about 1/6th of the space, a box attic, and two jockey boxes.


                 2             LIGHTING HEAD CARTS | 3 levels for lights or stands 

                 1             KINO CART | customized for Image80, 4' and 2' Kinos  

                 1             4x4, 2x3, 18"x24" SCRIM/FLAG CART                            

                 1             CRATE CART | 12 milk crates                                               

                 1             C-STAND+CRATE CART | 3 crates + 12 c-stands             

                 1             C-STAND CART | 10 C-Stands                                             

                 2             MUSCLE CARTS                                                              

                 2             RUBBERMAID CARTS                                                  

                 1             2x3 & 1.5x2 WOOD SMALL ROLLING SCRIM BOX       

                 1             2x3 & 1.5x2 WOOD LARGE SCRIM BOX                       


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