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Capstone's History


Capstone Film Lighting is a family business, established in 2014 by veteran DP Stuart Asbjornsen, his two sons, and wife.


Capstone may be a new rental house in LA, but our experience in the rental industry starts 30 years ago. Back in the 80’s, Stuart "Odd" Asbjornsen co-owned the grip truck rental business, Odd/Evan. His sons, Ian and Anders, would play in the grip truck as kids, never suspecting that they would be helping run Capstone Film Lighting 20 years later.



Stuart Asbjørnsen 


Capstone is owned and operated by Director of Photography Stuart Asbjørnsen.


Stuart has been shooting all over the world for the last 30+ years. Notable television series include SAF3, Baywatch, Baywatch Nights, Baywatch Hawaii, and She Spies.


National Geographic Television and other documentary projects have taken him to some of the most extreme locations on the planet. He has been embeded with U.S. Marines in Afghanistan, filmed in the slums of Haiti, shot in the rough seas off of South Africa, and documented tribal societies deep in the Amazon rainforest.


Feature films have included everything from the "mumblecore" art-film Blue Bus, to the B-Movie-style Bitch Slap.


He has shot countless health and beauty commercials and infomercials, and music videos from Stevie Ray Vaughan to David Hasselhoff.


A true family business, Stuart runs the company with his two sons, Ian and Anders Asbjørnsen. Even Stuart's wife Jill has been known to keep the business in line and stitch together a sandbag or two.


Stuart Asbjornsen, Owner of Capstone Film Lighting
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