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CAPSTONE... The Blog!

This is my first blog post...


So who knows if I'm going to do this right at all - but here goes nothing!

Reasons for this blog:

1. To document what it's like to run a new, family business in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

2. To share interesting and useful grip, lighting and camera techniques, history, and gear that I find out about.

3. To update everyone on new developments at CAPSTONE FILM LIGHTING.

4. .........

For those of you that may think that my 4th reason is to get Capstone Film Lighting's Website SEO rating up, you are SO WRONG. I blog for the LOVE OF THE ART OF BLOGGING. Everyone knows that Blogging is the most beautiful form of literature, and I am so proud to be part of this fantastic artistic tradition.

This Blog for Capstone Film Lighting Grip and Light Grip Truck Rentals in Los Angeles Big Discounts Best Deals Grip Truck Rent for your Hollywood Film Production #setlife has NOTHING to do with Google search engine optimization!

First Update:

We are finally going to put signage on our 3 Ton Grip Truck! Should be installed in the next few weeks!

I spent some time designing the text that will go on the truck, and am very excited to see what it will look like - I'll post pictures of the truck+signs soon on this here very blog!

(Photo of me when we first got our gear, pretending to be able to lift our 12K HMI)

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