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NAB 2016 - Capstone Film Lighting Exclusive Report

A few weeks ago NAB 2016 was held in Las Vegas - so Amy and I drove up to investigate.

New business cards ready, we drove from LA to Vegas

We made it to....SIN CITY

Obligatory NAB sign shot.

We got there a little late - late in the day, so no waiting in lines

We entered in the Virtual Reality building - a bit disconcerting to witness this

One of the many 360 degree projection concepts

Amy and I taking a picture of ourselves on screen - Not sure what's going on here - but one thing's for sure, apparently the ONLY good way to test the quality of new cameras is to film either 1) model trains, or...

...2) extremely bored-looking actors/models, who had to sit still and be leered at for nearly 12 hours straight all day. (notice the use of FOUR Odyssey7Q Monitor/Recorders (we have 1 too!), in order to record stitched-together 8K RESOLUTION!).

Amy double checking if this is indeed 8K, like Canon is promising. She actually counted extra pixels. Good job Canon! Looks great! Seriously though, Canon had an 8K screening room that looked really amazing.

Well, I guess sometimes they use 3) Raptors in lieu of model trains.

I think this is that cool Canon camera that has an ISO of like 500 Million and can shoot in a black hole.

SHAPE had nice wooden grips for cam ops like me. But I really took this picture to remember the many free beers that I received from this generous company.

NAB should be re-named to NAD (National Association of Drones, get it?). The event was dominated by a multitude of flying drones, trapped in mesh cages. None of them could shoot lasers while flying, so everyone left unimpressed.

The ARRI area was classy and awesome, as expected. I think they had the best demo reels of their gear too.

The ARRI SKY PANELS were AWESOME. Endless colors with built-in gel filters, battery pack ready, super easy to use and really pack a punch.

Front of a Sky Panel. They gave us free Sky Panel shirts, because we are super fans.

The RED area. It was just as epic as you would expect. I think their 2016 theme was "Robot MMA Cage Match."

A driving drone. Back in my day, they were called remote-controlled cars.

Quasar LED's were cool, because they work with Kino Flo and other brands so that you can customize the lights you already have, and turn them into LED lights.

Quasar bulbs+Sunray = cool!

Litegear LEDs

Mole had a bunch of great looking LEDs

Loved this - traditional + innovative

Amy in a ring light. Disk-shaped eye-light!

As video editors, Amy and I nerded out in the Vimeo "chill out lounge"


When operating rigs go too far... But I still want one!

New Capstone truck?

Just me and some clowns performing in a creepy las vegas casino's horrifying mural

Amy and I had enough of the blasphemous, hedonistic Vegas strip, so we went exploring at the Red Rock Canyon National Park! We were finally able to detox from film gear overload.

Can't wait for NAB 2017!

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