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New for 2016!

You asked us for pre-set gear package deals, and we listened!

Capstone Film Lighting is starting out 2016 right by introducing new Grip Truck Packages!

Grip Truck Packages and Pricing

3-Ton Grip Truck

Kino Flo Standard + 3 Ton Grip Truck

Kino Flo Indie + 3 Ton Grip Truck

HMI Standard + 3 Ton Grip Truck

HMI Indie + 3 Ton Grip Truck

Tungsten Standard + 3 Ton Grip Truck

Tungsten Indie + 3 Ton Grip Truck

All of the above ↑ packages include over 40 flags, scrims, silks and reflectors for a fraction of the cost of renting items individually. All of them include a Dana Dolly set, and much more.

Run and Gun Package

Throughout the year we will also be offering specialized Lighting Packages. Our first is the Run and Gun Package, but be on the lookout for new packages throughout the year.

Full Gear List

Of course, we still offer à la carte gear rentals. New items include a Honda Generator and two Astra LED Litepanels (Bi-Color), so be sure to check out our constantly updating full gear list.

Films Made with Capstone Gear

We want to thank everyone who has rented from us the past year - some really amazing films have been made and we are very proud to have been involved! Please send us links to trailers and finished films, we love to hear from you! Thank you and congrats!

Let's go 2016!


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