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New Inventory: Generator!

You asked, and we listened!

Capstone just bought its first generator! This beautiful, brand new Putt-Putt is Honda's newest state of the art geni: the HONDA EU7000iS!

This very quiet (60dB), super fuel efficient putt-putt can run for 18 hrs on 5.1 gallons of fuel.

The 7000 Watt, 120/240 Volt geni has a super easy to use electric start, and LCD display (the "iMonitor") which lets you keep an eye on fuel intake.

It also has an inverter which makes it extra safe with stable power - important for the safety of the lights, but extra important on set when DIT has all of their harddrives and computer plugged into it.

The generator has both Edison and 30 amp twist receptacles but Capstone customized the generator for filmmaking - we adapted it with a 60 amp bates output.

60 amp Bates Output

60 amp bates Gangbox hooked up and ready to go!

Over the past year we've had lots of requests from renters for a generator - we hope you guys have a lot of fun with this new toy on your outdoor shoots!


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