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Project Spotlight: Gelateria Uli

A film I directed and shot for AT&T Small Business Circle, Gelateria Uli, was selected as a Winning Finalist! All the gear used on the short documentary was from Capstone Film Lighting (of course).

I shot with Capstone's Sony NEX FS700 + Odyssey7Q - recording in S-Log and with the Odyssey's 4K to HD Apple ProRes setting. This saved me HOURS of transcoding time in post.

I shot the interview portion with Capstone's Tripod and Head and shot most of the BRoll handheld (the camera and recorder are light enough that I handhold it without any handheld rig).

For lighting, we used two 4ft 4Bank Kinos and some diffusion clipped on. I wanted to use the DivaLite 401 but it was being rented by someone else that day (sad face).

It was great working with Gelateria Uli, a shop owned by two former college classmates from Colorado College. Was really exciting to highlight a small business dedicated to rebuilding Downtown LA into a thriving, culturally rich community. As an LA native, I love projects like this!!!

Watch the video (and vote for it!) here:

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