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10-Step Setup: Digital Sputnik DS3 + Wireless App

The Digital Sputnik DS3 is one of the most intuitive and easy to use lights out there - but setting up with the DS Control DMX app can be tricky the first time you try it!

The ability to adjust all aspects of these lights (Intensity, Color Temp, Saturation, and Hue) wirelessly from your phone is a really freeing experience. But if you don't have a background in using DMX or ArtNet, it can be a bit of a learning curve the first time try to connect the DS3 with the app. I hope this video saves you some time and stress!

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More NOTES below

• Quick Settings Guide •

Ballast Settings:


ArtNet: 0:0:0 3

Light Fixtures: 1, 11, 21

"DS CONTROL DMX" app Settings:

Group 1: 0:0:0:1 (or simply "1")

Group 2: 0:0:0:11 (or simply "11")

Group 3: 0:0:0:21 (or simply "21")

• 10-Steps •

1 - Download "DS Control DMX" from App Store

2 - In app, create three "New Groups"

3 - Hold-down "fixtures" and select "EDIT"

4 - Click "Add" and type "0:0:0:1" or simply, "1." Press "+," then "SAVE"

5 - For the 2nd light, "Add" a light fixture and call it "11"

6 - For your 3rd light, call the fixture "21"

7 - In DS3 Ballast menue, make ArtNet address "0:0:0"

8 - Under "DMX ADDRESS" select "MODE8B"

9 - Assign light fixtures to "1," "11," and "21"

10 - Connect to DS Wi-Fi on your iOS device

• Note on ITSH control •

In the "DS Control DMX" app, Digital Sputnik has included a text-based "quick guide" in "Release Notes" under the "Info" section. See the ITSH symbols? Those simply mean that you have control of Intensity, Temperature, Saturation, and Hue. You can set up your fixtures in each group to control these specifically - take a look at the quick guide in the app to get a better understanding of this more advanced technique.

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