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Lettering for Capstone's Grip Truck!

Today marks a historic day for Capstone Film Lighting! We applied our first signage for our Three Ton Grip Truck - and I think it looks awesome!

(Capstone's 3 Ton Grip Truck pre-paint job, pre-lettering. Rivets still visible).

Before applying the lettering - we got the truck re-painted at a shop in South Central LA: Montes Paint and Body - and they really did a great job! The rivets, and old scratches were all painted over - along with a lot of other details - so it looks brand new!

They painted the back step of the truck black, and applied anti-slip paint which is great - it makes our grip truck much safer when jumping in and out of it.

(Painting the Three Ton Grip Truck at Montes Paint and Body)

A few days later, we had Pasadena Signarama come and install the lettering they printed us. They printed the text exactly how I designed it, and I was beyond happy with their work.

To apply the upper-level lettering, Stuart threw together a scaffolding for the lettering applier to use. The scaffolding was made by a bunch of gear that was sitting in our Five Ton Grip Truck; some wooden planks, high rollers, ladders, a couple apple boxes, a lot of clamps, and even a piece of speedrail to make a safety railing.

The lettering looks great - and Pasadena Signarama applied the letters so perfectly and clean, that it practically looks photoshopped in my pictures.

Now I want to put lettering on our 5 Ton Grip Truck! (frame left)

CAPSTONE looks great! I want to do a proper photoshoot of the cleaned up truck soon!

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